as the world
Wednesday, March 23, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Got up late today - 10 minutes before I had to leave to cash my check from the advance from Sony. Glenn took Paul and myself to his bank on music row. I now have money...yar-whoot! The Wiblet: Since it is a very hard song for Chris to play, they took a few different takes and are going to splice them all together. By 11:15, Chris was done the piano parts. He is gonna do some organ parts. Glenn threw a tantrum about the B-3 and the Leslie. It's funny to watch him get mad. In the down time while they are working on the organ, Chris is working on the synth sounds for As The World. Chris finished all the B-3 sounds tonight. I was sitting out in the lobby hanging with a guy from the Kentucky Head Hunters and some of the guys from Skynyrd; shooting the shit about this and that. I think I'm goingh to get a tatoo with the Doug Cook from the Headhunters. After our sessions we went to a place called South Street (har!) and had a few beers with Glenn and Rob, shooting the shit. Came back and stayed up 'til 4 again with Greg and his friend Bob, shooting the shit."

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