as the world
Thursday, March 24, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Rainy morning, it's still work outside though which is fucking great. I think we're going to experience our first heavy storm down here. It's thundering and lightning. Chris is will see if he can finish his keybnoard sounds today, weather permitting. Chris is getting reay to finish his parts, starting with Uncle. We have a little down time because Glenn is having a problem with his computer. Everything is hunky-dory now, and Chris knocked out Uncle. It sounds fucking great and he's done with that song. Best Regards: We've listened once, but it should be done...and it is. The Cheese, baby. Done and now dinner. A Short Essay: Chris finished Prose and then did ASE. I sat out in the lobby and rubbed elbows with the boys from Skynyrd again. The men are a fucking trip. Essay was done in 45 minutes and I missed it."

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