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Tuesday, March 22, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Bright, crisp morning. I went out and shot some hoops to get the blood pumping. It worked. I am alive! Finished a part in Cheese and went on to A Habit. Took a little while but Chris endured and got his shit together. After many moments of chitty it's time to do Uncle. After many hours of dilliberation about money, time in the studio and the fact that Moe is going home, Uncle is finished. Settled Land: Done. Have it. Best Regards: We're gonna take a dinner break to clear the ears at 8:25. There are still a couple of sore spots. Got back around 10:30 and gave Chris a few wacks at getting The Wiblet but it didn't work. He was getting a little flustered. So, Glenn gave him the night off."

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