as the world
Monday, March 21, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"I think I'm losing my taste for coffee. Slightly rainy, damp day. Chris is setting up his keyboard hell. Rob worked the piano tuning guy to death getting the piano in tip-top place - it's just before noon and we're ready to go. Actually he started around 10 after 12 and finished Prose right before 1. A Short Essay done in a half hour. This shit sounds unbelievable. Chris is crying behind the keyboards it sounds so good. Entry is next. Down by 2:30. Chris is crusing. Never The Same: Two of the guys from Lynyrd Skynyrd came in while Chris was playing. They both seemed to enjoy the sound. So anyway, the piano Chris is playing was Liberace's. Never The Same: Knocked out by 4:10. Things sound fucking great. Wormwood: The piano went out of tune so we're gonna jump to the synth sounds. 5:50 - they are working on fluctuations in Chris's keys. It's all in the wrists and the fact that he doesn't jerk off. Da boys are taking a dinner break so the piano tunning man can work his magic. That way Chris can finish his piano parts. Chris got his take in one for Wormwood. Now it's on to How Long: Done in 4 takes. The Cheese Stands Alone: Not much to say, the shit's flying. One For The Show: We or should I say Chris worked until 10. Got everything he could get done today."

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