as the world
Sunday, March 20, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Finished Wormwood around 12:00 and went right to As The World. The weather is very beautiful again today, very sunny, nice warm breeze. Tom lost it big time so they are going to try Settled Land. I started writing again today. It feels good. The guys called it quits at around 9 o'clock. Tom did spend the rest of the day finishing this song. It was also his last day. Tomorrow Chris will do all the songs that have real piano in them. Ahh, ain't nothing like progress. We went out to eat at this pizza joint. Some of the best pizza I ever had. Tried to crash aound 12:15 but couldn't sleep. Around Greg and I went out for a walk. It was really fucking warm and there was a slight drizzle happening. We walked across the development over to Sam's parking lot to a miniature golf course, hung out with an elephant and a giraffe. Finally got to sleep around 4."

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