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Tuesday, March 15, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Another sunny morning and I have a head cold. No biggie. I'll get over it.

One For The Show, Take 3: Some tempo problems but a good take.

One For The Show, Take 4: Paul jumped something in between verses.

One For The Show, Take 5: Still some tempo problems.

One For The Show, Take 6: Was the one but we'll do another.

One For The Show, Take 7: As I said before, take 6 was it.

The Wiblet, Take 1: We've just gonna cut 3 in a row or so and then choose from the lot. It's only 45 seconds long so it's no big deal.

The Wiblet, Take 4: Paul lost in.

The Wiblet, Take 5: Wasn't it. Glenn seems to think #2 was the one and it was.

Audio Verite, Take 1: Was great.

Audio Verite, Take 2: Lost it in the first verse.

Audio Verite, Take 3: GOt all the way to the end and lost it.

Audio Verite, Take 4: Looks like it.

Audio Verite, Take 5: Just to have one. Fucked up.

Audio Verite, Take 6: Fucked up again.

Audio Verite, Take 7: Blahzae.

Audio Verite, Take 8: I don't know what's going on. It looses it somewhere in the beginning.

Audio Verite, Take 9: Paul's losing it. We took a 5 minute break so Paul could get his head together.

Audio Verite, Take 10: There might have been something but...

Audio Verite, Take 11: What the fuck!

Audio Verite, Take 12: Paul's losing it again.

Audio Verite, Take 13: No way.

I don't now which one we chose but it was killer.

Settled Land, Take 1: Technical problems plus tempo.

Settled Land, Take 2: Funky, short, no good.

Settled Land, Take 3: Feels really good, really fucking good. Oh yeah, that was the take.

A Habit Worth Forming, Take 1: Was a good take but we'd like to do one more.

A Habit Worth Forming, Take 2: This could be the one. It was.

Another great fucking day in the office. The group are crusing through this shit. It's fantastic. That feeling kicking in again. And it's wonderful. Perpetual smile."

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