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Monday, March 14, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"The sore throat is gone, it moved into my head and chest. I guess the normal route for a cold. I'm hacking up oysters all over the place. I'm sitting in the lobby of the studio waiting on Glenn. He had to get his car appraised for some dings in his hood. Whoopee! So what we're going to do is practice a little to get our chops up before we record. I forgot to mention that it's another beautiful day here in Nashville.

Prose, Take 1: It worked, but Glenn feels it's a bit regimented. It could stand to be a bit bigger and push some more.

Prose, Take 2: This is pretty, wild, sitting in my corner of the room. What a great sense of security. "That was perfect, let's do one more..."

Prose, Take 3: Take 2 was the one.

A Short Essay, Take 1: Was pretty shaky but that's always good.

A Short Essay, Take 2: Could be the best one yet.

A Short Essay, Take 3: Unfuckingbelievable, but...

A Short Essay, Take 4: Didn't quite love it.

A Short Essay, Take 5: Was the one everyone's happy with.

A Short Essay (The Ending) Take 1: Could be better.

A Short Essay (The Ending) Take 2: Tom's first huge boo boo.

A Short Essay (The Ending) Take 3: The first time I got all the words right. Melody was a bit shaky but I think the take will stick.

My Dear Wormwood, Take 1: I'm on coffee overload. Oh boy! Too, too fast, so in other words...

My Dear Wormwood, Take 2: Sounded good but Paul added a cymbal so we're going for one more.

My Dear Wormwood, Take 3: Questioning the cleaning ness of the drums, but not bad.

My Dear Wormwood, Take 4: Paul lost it before the 3rd verse.

My Dear Wormwood, Take 5: Well that's it. That was the take.

Entry 11/19/93, Take 1: One of the best first takes we've done yet, but Paul's cymbal broke so he replaced it and we'll do another one. In our down time, Rob and I were sitting out front when a man by the name of Elwood W. Yates came, whistling up to us. He wanted to give a way a silver tone violin to someone who could play. He needed someone to appreciate it. Quoting him, "You must give something away before you can inherit something else. A man's whose heart is full of greed will never inherit anything until he gives something away." He left and then came back to us with some pierces of marble as a good omen so we all do well, to wish us luck.

Entry 11/19/93, Take 2: Very good, so we're gonna give it another go. Paul changed his snare head and it's been a good hour or so fucking with drum sounds. What the fuck.

Entry 11/19/93, Take 3: Glenn says no life in the front half of song. What the fuck, we sat around, picking our noses all afternoon waiting.

Entry 11/19/93, Take 4: Still don't have it yet. Tempo seems to speed up in the beginning.

Entry 11/19/93: Uhhh..

Entry 11/19/93, Take 6: Was the bastard we were looking for.

One For The Show, Take 1: Paul blanked in the middle.

One For The Show, Take 2: Ehh, we didn't really have it so we're calling it quits for the night.

I want to see how you live with my work. History ain't so hard to make it, just takes a few tries. I am really one of the luckiest people in the world. I was the last one down tonight."

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