as the world
Sunday, March 13, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Sunday morning, partly cloudy, mid 40's. I weigh in at 163. That's a 4 pound loss since Wednesday. Watched some old Bugs Bunny cartoons, real classics. We have to be at the studio by 10. Then we'll work 'til 10. Well here we are, day number two - reacquainting ourselves with the room and its surroundings. Paul and Tom are jamming a bit and then we dive in for real.

Uncle, Take 1: Feels good so far: I'm in this little room, carpet on the walls. It's like solitary confinement. Bouncing off the walls. Thrashing around, getting the blood pumping. It feels great. Back in the booth, taking a listen.

Uncle, Take 2: Oops, not yelling.

Uncle, Take 3: Still not going in to listen again.

Uncle, Take 4: Tempo problem.

Uncle, Take 5: Paul lost in the polyester part.

Uncle, Take 6: Felt like the best take so far. So we're listening, just a little problem with the retard.

Uncle, Take 7: Paul missed something somewhere.

Uncle, Take 8: Glenn had a smiling head. There's some kind of spike in the mix. Found it on the keyboard channels so anyway that was the one. Got it in eight tracks.

How Long I Have Waited, Take 1: Kind of lost the tempo somewhere in the middle.

How Long I Have Waited, Take 2: Back in my room for take 2 Pushed it in the front part of tune.

How Long I Have Waited, Take 3: We still the inspired inspired take so anyway.

How Long I Have Waited, Take 4: Fumbled in the first seconds.

How Long I Have Waited, Take 5: All the notes were there but the chemistry still isn't right yet. No biggie. The guys wrote a new part for the first verse.

How Long I Have Waited, Take 6: Very good. Glenn wants another good one to choose from.

How Long I Have Waited, Take 7: No good.

How Long I Have Waited, Take 8: Was the other one. 9 takes for this song. By the way, it's raining.

Best Regards, Take 1: P.U. My first time singing Brett's parts.

Best Regards, Take 2: Getting better. One more try to get it right.

Best Regards, Take 3: One of Paul's cymbals fell off so we stopped. We're gonna punch in where we left off. Hey that wasn't so bad. Almost. One more try.

Best Regards, Take 4: That was the one, baby. Time to move on.

The Cheese Stands Alone, Take 1: Right before I went into the studio room, I saw a cartoon that ended with the REAL song The Cheese Stands Alone. Paul broke a stick so we had to stop.

The Cheese Stands Alone, Take 2: Not there yet.

The Cheese Stands Alone, Take 3: Still not.

The Cheese Stands Alone, Take 4: No.

The Cheese Stands Alone, Take 5: We think this could be it. Maybe no doubt. This one was it.

As The World, Take 1: Not bad for a first take, but we always need another.

As The World, Take 2: Unbelievably good. We're listening. Fresh slate for...

As The World, Take 3: Was the lucky one this time.

5 fucking songs in one day! The world can lick my ass. Tonight is a night. I ended up feeling pretty bad. Sore throat, feeling sluggished, so I crashed early to get some sleep."

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