as the world
Saturday, March 12, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Saturday morning; merely hours of going in for 16 days. It's a beautiful sunny morning. For the first day of the rest of my life. We got to the studio at 9:15 and started setting up our equipment. I'm lying down in the vocal booth hiding. Just kidding. It's purty quiet, like church on Sunday. Tammy Wynette is mixing in the studio down the hall. Paul is the first audible sound at 2:05 and now it's 5 or so and we're still doing the drum sound. No biggie, though, things like this take time. I'm sitting on the front steps of the studio listening to a mockingbird song, farting my fucking brains out. It's great. I'm sitting in direct line with that sun. 6:50, still working on drum sounds. We played The Cheese once with vocals, and boy, did I get scared. Everyone in the world was watching me. It was bad! Calling it quits at 9:25. Ran through Uncle. I feel a lot better with my vocals. Just gotta work out the bugs. There's still a little bit of drum work to be done but it should be taken care of tomorrow."

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