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Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Starting off with One For The Show. Just needs a little tweaking. Really a performance level song, we have to nail it in the studio. Added a part out of the guitar solo to give it a little space and re-establish the groove. It's now time for Chris to do his thing for the keys on this song! The Wiblet: Totally cool. Nothing to fuck with. Audio Verite: Stretched out the last note of the Spoon Feed part. I myself personally have to work very hard on the song: harmonies and the actual verses. A general tightening up on everything. We took a break to talk with Biff about the budget. Strings are popping up all over the place. Should we or shouldn't we...we say yes! On the other hand, money really sucks. I mean REALLY sucks! Well, we broke up the music part of the day a little early to discuss some financial bullshit. We're waiting for a reporter to come over around 5:00. Finished the interview at about 6 or so. It should be in the paper on Friday, in The Reporter. It was a good end for the day."

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