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Wednesday, February 16, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Started off with smoothing out the new part for One For The Show Done. Did it. Moving on to Settled Land: Ran thru it once without vocals - not bad - now on to the comments. Glenn feels we should leave out the beginning chords before the middle section: We tried it, it wasn't so bad so Brett suggested to leave the same part out in the beginning. We played it twice with vocals to smooth out the new transitions - no real problems, nothing else needs attendion. So anyway, Chris is, uh, working on his key sounds? Done - did it. A Habit Worth Forming: Changed around verses so there's not 3 verses before a chours; now 2 and 2 and cutting the four chord guitar intro in the beginning. Trying also to scale down the drum parts in the verses - no biggie. Took a break for lunch: came back and played it again, twice, flip-flopped the 3rd and 4th verses so they flow better. I have to change some words; that's fine. It's all for the better. Chris is, well, you know...Called it quits for the day to do some errands and filmed the artwork and then we went over the house to watch it and some old footage of the band so Glenn could get an idea about what the band was about."

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