as the world
Monday, February 14, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Working on the middle part of Best Regards when I walked in. Fixed that part. Now on to the end of A Short Essay. Paul's filming today, also. Glenn says nothing disturbs him except for tightening up the bass. My Dear Wormwood: Suggests a punctuation point right before the And in a moment part and fatter up the end. Add a little more guitar to the part. Glenn would like to put a possible 5 verses in to see what it would sound like (NO!). Played through it and I forgot the new words but oh well! Chris is going over some keyboard sounds. We took a break for lunch and went to see Greg's artwork. It's turning out great. Just a few more ideas to inhume things. To give things a 3 dimensional look. Entry: Pretty sloppy run-though. I forgot my harmonies in the chorus. Played it a couple of times - smoothed it out. Got it sounding pretty alright. We took a pee break so Chris can work on his key sounds. We're upstairs listening to the new Marillion again. Chris is still working on sounds!"

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