i heard you listening!

echolyn is very excited to announce their 9th full length album of new music.

“i heard you listening” has already completed an incredibly successful pre-sale campaign from July 1 - July 15 (Thank you to all who participated!); the new album is now set for worldwide release on Friday, July 31, 2015.

“i heard you listening” is comprised of nine new songs, totaling over 60 minutes of music, and written by the same five guys that have been playing, writing, laughing, arguing and crying together since 1990. Who would have thought?!? 

echolyn started work on “i heard you listening” back in September of 2013 and made it a point to get together every Thursday night to smash really big rocks into little bitty rocks – that can be thrown with purpose.  Over the next year of "Thor’s Days" they bashed and crashed and chipped away until they had something worth pointing at, and tiredly proclaimed: “Good... done!” The year spent (and then some) left them with fourteen songs, nine of which fit together perfectly for this new album endeavor.

echolyn is incredibly happy with the result and truly bursting for you to listen.  Creating something from nothing is hugely satisfying, but to complete the experience – of an artistic endeavor – would leave them lacking to NOT have the final experience of the external beholder. That - Is - You!

Check out "Different Days" on YouTube and read the early reviews of the album!

To purchase your own copy, please click on the link(s) below for the format(s) you prefer:

“i heard you listening” on Compact Disc
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“i heard you listening” via Digital Download
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“i heard you listening” on Limited-Edition Vinyl (*w/ special mastering for vinyl)
- Plane Groovy/Burning Shed

Brett on Progzilla

Listen to the Progzilla Radio Show all week as they feature echolyn and the new album, "i heard you listening." Brett Kull will be interviewed Wednesday, July 29th. Tune in at 3:00pm EST!

Reflections on the new album

As echolyn embarked on this new album's release, we realized how long it had been since we created something special for our fans; something that provided direct insight, personal perspective and feedback about our music — allowing all of our fans, via technology, to access and peruse while they listen. So, for the new album release of "i heard you listening," we have created for you The Listener's Guide, 2015.

Link: Read the Listener's Guide
See Ray, Tom and Paul at the NJ ProgHouse!

With the new album close to release, what better way to celebrate than with an all acoustic night featuring Ray, Tom, and Paul!

Ray will be part of an all acoustic evening over at the New Jersey ProgHouse on July 18th. Performing solo, those who have seen Ray perform live know to expect the unexpected - his solo concerts are always captivating.

Supporting Ray at this show is a new band called Valdez, featuring Tom on bass and Paul on percussion. Valdez is fronted by former Tinyfish singer and guitarist Simon Godfrey.

An evening not be missed - thanks must go to the NJ Proghouse team for putting together a great evening of music.

Link: NJ ProgHouse

Valdez is an acoustic/electric band from Philadelphia, comprising Tiny Fish singer/songwriter Simon Godfrey, echolyn bassist Tom Hyatt, echolyn drummer Paul Ramsey and Joe Cardillo, keyboard player for Jazz/Rock fusionists Cold Blue Electric.

The group came together as part of series of informal get-togethers at Simon’s Duckland Studios in Philadelphia. The chemistry proved so good, the four decided to form a band and named it Valdez after a 70s western.

The four are currently writing material as for a release later in the year.

Be sure to catch their debut performance on April 30 at the Grape Room in Manayunk PA.

Link: Grape Room
Tom on the Gagliarchives March 21st.

Be sure to catch Tom Hyatt and Simon Godfrey on Gagliarchives Saturday night March 21st from 10PM until 2AM

Link: The Gagliarchives
Brett News Update!

Hi everyone - here are a couple blog updates I just posted on my webpage

1. Fractal Mirror (a band I worked with over the summer) is releasing a new album - mixed by me and mastered by Larry Fast

2. Echolyn update - How's the new album coming along and why it shall not sound like a sandwich.

Link: BrettKull.com