echolyn on the Gagliarchives

Listen to the Gagliarchives on Saturday night, August 22nd, as Chris, Tom, and Ray stop in for an exclusive interview. The guys will discuss the new album with host Tom Gagliardi and talk about their plans for the near future. "I Heard You Listening" is the #1 album four weeks running on the Gagliarchives Top 40 Album Chart.

Tune in from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. ET via one of the following methods:

Live on FM radio on z88.9/95.1/100.7 FM
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Watch online via Ustream.TV Channel

Aural Moon, The Net's Progressive Rock Garden
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Link: The Gagliarchives
Chris and Brett interview on Prog Rock Deep Cuts

On Thursday, August 7th, Chris and Brett were interviewed live on the air on the Prog Rock Deep Cuts Internet Radio Program #86.

Hailing from Wheeling, West Virginia, host Ian Beabout specializes in rare cuts by classic and modern bands. Prog Rock Deep Cuts is a forward-thinking, live radio show that promises to match the obscure with the new and fresh. Intelligent, emotional, and visceral classic to modern progressive rock broadcast live every Thursday from 7-10 pm EST on

During the two-hour echolyn special, Ian featured music from the new record, music from across the band’s career, unreleased music, live music, as well as non-echolyn music handpicked by Chris and Brett just for the occasion.

Link: Prog Rock Deep Cuts
A note from Brett about file types

Hi Everyone! I wanted to write and personally say thank you for all the great response we've been experiencing with our new album. THANK YOU for expressing so much positive feedback! My face likes to smile.

My main point below is that I wanted to clear up a misconception about the audio files we've been selling on our Bandcamp page (and gave away to those that preordered our album).

This is going to be a "nerdly" sort of exposition, so if you are not into recording music, audio file formats and that sort of ilk, you may want to slowly back away now... don't make eye contact, just slowly back away.

It was recently brought to my attention that someone had compared the 2012 vinyl Hi-Res files with the Hi-Res files for our new album. These are not comparable in a sense that you can use "dynamic ratings" to show how something is "better or worse." The dynamics of these two files are different because the mediums they were mastered for are different, i.e., one for vinyl the other not. The digital vinyl files for "I Heard You Listening" are not available – you would need to buy the record to compare apples to apples.

On both our 2012 and current releases, we have embraced vinyl as a medium to sell our music. We have made available, for those wanting to listen to the vinyl version of our 2012 release, the digital files used by the manufacturer and mastered specifically for that medium. Digital vinyl versions of our 2012 release are on Bandcamp and many people have bought them over the years. The cool thing with the digital version of these vinyl masters is that the songs will be forever without pops and clicks and scratches! These files, if you compare them to the CD quality digital version of that record, will be quieter because of the choices the mastering engineer made for the vinyl medium. I fully support these choices. Robert Hadley from the Mastering Lab was the mastering engineer. He mastered a CD quality version and a vinyl version of our 2012 release. I think Robert did a great job with it. He clearly had a reason to master the vinyl version the way he did. He's a professional mastering engineer and we loved the work he did on our record.

Now, moving to the present. Our new album is available on Bandcamp as of July 31st 2015. I've noticed that many folks have downloaded the Full-Res digital files. Thank You! These are 24-bit/96kHz digital files. They are NOT mastered for vinyl. They are mastered exclusively for the digital domain. I wanted to make these non-dithered files available for audiophiles like myself. They represent the maximum potential for sonic quality and reflect the bit depth and sample rate in which the songs were recorded. If you compare these Hi-Res files with the 2012 Hi-Res files you will find that "I Heard You Listening" is much louder. This is not a bad thing in this case; it is instead a mastering choice for the two distinct mediums, i.e. "I Heard You Listening" Hi-Res is NOT for vinyl, while the 2012 Hi-Res was. Mastering for vinyl and CD are different processes for most professional mastering houses. This is an arguable process that I don't want to get into, but I will say that it is an additional cost to us (the artist) and I don't know enough about it at this point to argue with the professionals that do.

When we were ready to master "I Heard You Listening" we had two mastering engineers (on opposite US coasts) make sample masters for us to compare. We used "Different Days" as the test song. Robert Hadley from the Mastering Lab and Ryan Smith for Sterling Sound each did their own thing, without any direction from me. When we got the song back Chris and I scrutinized the hell out of them. Both versions were excellent (I really want to stress this) ,but we decided to go with Ryan at Sterling. If we get into the weeds, this is why:

1. Ryan's master was closer to the mixes in EQ and Dynamic range (more DR)

2. Ryan cleaned up the problem spots I knew needed help

3. Robert's master was perceivable louder. We did not like this (Less DR)

4. Ryan's bottom end was rounder and fuller

5. Robert's low end was focused in a cool way but different from what I was going for

6. Ryan's top end and mid-range matched what we wanted

7. Robert's top and mid-range had that metaphoric cocaine injection we didn't want or need on this record. It initially was compelling, but after repeated listens it became tedious to Chris' ears and mine.

As I said, both were great, but Chris and I went 100% with Ryan for his choices. Ryan also mastered our new album for vinyl. Again, these are not available on Bandcamp because I think the digital Full-Res files sound beautiful and perfectly represent the music to its potential. If you want to hear the vinyl-mastered version of "I Heard You Listening", you would need to buy the record. It sounds amazing! I actually like what Ryan did for the vinyl masters more than what Robert did for the 2012 release. They are more cohesive with the digital Full-Res versions and therefore closer to my mixes. I personally think Ryan's vinyl master is superior to Robert's master of our 2012 release (and I love them both!!). Most folks won't be able to hear the difference… but perhaps some can? Feel free to listen to the vinyl and compare them. Love to hear your opinion.

Feel free to compare all of our albums. I'd like to think I'm getting better as an engineer and hope that my mixes reflect this. I'll defend all of our albums as part of my journey as an engineer. "As The World" is the only one I did not work on as an engineer, also "The End is Beautiful" basic tracks were cut by my friend Pete Moshay. I think all of our albums have more dynamic range than perhaps 90% of the recordings released over the past 20 years. They are quieter sounding than other artist's mixes because I don't want to lose the human dynamic imbued in them. Since our album "Cowboy Poems Free," I've been very sensitive to capturing and preserving musical performances that feel natural, represent excellent quality, and are not overwrought. Ryan at Sterling Sound did a wonderful job of preserving and respecting all of these goals in our new album. The transients of the instruments are there and the detail in the separation of sounds is preserved.

Lastly, I want to state that much of this is splitting hairs – though some of it is not. Ultimately, the listening experience is yours and yours alone. We've taken the time and given great attention to detail to make your listening experience as transparent as possible; it's about the music not the button pushing. All this mumbo jumbo I've been rambling about ultimately doesn't matter at the end of the day. Just take the music in and see what it does.


Brett Kull

August 2nd, 2015
i heard you listening!

echolyn is very excited to announce their 9th full length album of new music.

“i heard you listening” has already completed an incredibly successful pre-sale campaign from July 1 - July 15 (Thank you to all who participated!); the new album is now set for worldwide release on Friday, July 31, 2015.

“i heard you listening” is comprised of nine new songs, totaling over 60 minutes of music, and written by the same five guys that have been playing, writing, laughing, arguing and crying together since 1990. Who would have thought?!? 

echolyn started work on “i heard you listening” back in September of 2013 and made it a point to get together every Thursday night to smash really big rocks into little bitty rocks – that can be thrown with purpose.  Over the next year of "Thor’s Days" they bashed and crashed and chipped away until they had something worth pointing at, and tiredly proclaimed: “Good... done!” The year spent (and then some) left them with fourteen songs, nine of which fit together perfectly for this new album endeavor.

echolyn is incredibly happy with the result and truly bursting for you to listen.  Creating something from nothing is hugely satisfying, but to complete the experience – of an artistic endeavor – would leave them lacking to NOT have the final experience of the external beholder. That - Is - You!

Check out "Different Days" on YouTube and read the early reviews of the album!

To purchase your own copy, please click on the link(s) below for the format(s) you prefer:

“i heard you listening” on Compact Disc
- CDBaby

“i heard you listening” via Digital Download
- Bandcamp (MP3, WAV or FLAC)
- CDBaby (MP3 or WAV)
- iTunes (MP3 or WAV)


“i heard you listening” on Limited-Edition Vinyl (*w/ special mastering for vinyl)
- Plane Groovy/Burning Shed

Brett on Progzilla

Listen to the Progzilla Radio Show all week as they feature echolyn and the new album, "i heard you listening." Brett Kull will be interviewed Wednesday, July 29th. Tune in at 3:00pm EST!

Reflections on the new album

As echolyn embarked on this new album's release, we realized how long it had been since we created something special for our fans; something that provided direct insight, personal perspective and feedback about our music — allowing all of our fans, via technology, to access and peruse while they listen. So, for the new album release of "i heard you listening," we have created for you The Listener's Guide, 2015.

Link: Read the Listener's Guide
See Ray, Tom and Paul at the NJ ProgHouse!

With the new album close to release, what better way to celebrate than with an all acoustic night featuring Ray, Tom, and Paul!

Ray will be part of an all acoustic evening over at the New Jersey ProgHouse on July 18th. Performing solo, those who have seen Ray perform live know to expect the unexpected - his solo concerts are always captivating.

Supporting Ray at this show is a new band called Valdez, featuring Tom on bass and Paul on percussion. Valdez is fronted by former Tinyfish singer and guitarist Simon Godfrey.

An evening not be missed - thanks must go to the NJ Proghouse team for putting together a great evening of music.

Link: NJ ProgHouse