Posted : 04.17.15

Valdez is an acoustic/electric band from Philadelphia, comprising Tiny Fish singer/songwriter Simon Godfrey, echolyn bassist Tom Hyatt, echolyn drummer Paul Ramsey and Joe Cardillo, keyboard player for Jazz/Rock fusionists Cold Blue Electric.

The group came together as part of series of informal get-togethers at Simon’s Duckland Studios in Philadelphia. The chemistry proved so good, the four decided to form a band and named it Valdez after a 70s western.

The four are currently writing material as for a release later in the year.

Be sure to catch their debut performance on April 30 at the Grape Room in Manayunk PA.

> Grape Room

Tom on the Gagliarchives March 21st.
Posted : 03.20.15

Be sure to catch Tom Hyatt and Simon Godfrey on Gagliarchives Saturday night March 21st from 10PM until 2AM

> The Gagliarchives

Brett News Update!
Posted : 10.23.14

Hi everyone - here are a couple blog updates I just posted on my webpage

1. Fractal Mirror (a band I worked with over the summer) is releasing a new album - mixed by me and mastered by Larry Fast

2. Echolyn update - How's the new album coming along and why it shall not sound like a sandwich.

echolyn cancelling october shows.
Posted : 08.20.14

echolyn is disappointed to announce that we need to cancel our three live performances this fall. In juggling family, work and school obligations we are faced with the reality that the timeline we are presented with to properly prepare to play live is simply not possible at this time. In addition to the multiple personal and professional variables, we are also deep into the recording process of finishing our 8th studio album, another major time commitment driving this difficult decision. We are sorry for the disappointment this announcement undoubtedly brings to many. Thanks for your understanding and ongoing support.

Fathers Day update from Brett.
Posted : 06.15.14

Hey all, this is Brett from snowy hills of Chateau Fornance. It is official, we are going to shake off the silence and see if we still fit into our gig pants this fall. The continuing reverberation of our 2012 release brought on this change of wardrobe and sonically pushed us back into the creative melee of a follow-up album – and the want to play some shows.

New album: Since last September we’ve ritualized our Thursday nights as a time to howl at the moon. Forty plus Thursdays have gone by since we started and we have thirteen songs that testify to the time. This coming week we will begin to put those songs to the test and officially start recording our new album in earnest. Some songs may live, some may die, but we’ll give them all a solid handshake and see if we want to spend quality time with them. I’m hoping to really capture some spontaneous energy and record these songs over June and July – quickly and concisely. We know what we are doing at this stage. The impetus is to not over-think the process but instead trust our primitive instincts of experience and just get on with it. We’ll keep you posted.

New Shows: As of the moment we have three shows booked – one in the U.S. and two in Canada. We’ll keep you in the loop if we manage to align our crazy personal lives to manage some more performances. I am very excited to play because our set will include songs from our 2012 release! None of these have been played live – other than for the two videos we shot. Combine these with a new album and our favorites from the past… and you get an exciting, fresh, dangerous night of newness!

1. Our fist gig is in the Garden State of New Jersey on Saturday October 11th at 8:30pm. It’s part of a two-day event put on by the New Jersey Proghouse. This should be a cool show because it’ll be our first since April of 2009! Yikes! The next night, on Sunday the 12th, Ray and I will be playing a set for the Proghouse guys by warming up the crowd for our Michigan friends – Discipline. If I can talk Paul into it, we’ll do some Still/Always Almost songs along with some of Ray and my solo stuff. That’ll be a hoot! Here’s a link to get tickets. Come on out and see us play music from our 2012 album, new album and others!

2. Our second show (so far) will be in the wonderful city of Quebec on Thursday October 23rd at Centre d’art la Chapelle. This is an intimate 196 seat theater sponsored by JLC Musik that that we are really looking forward to playing. Come on out and be part of the evening! Here is a link to see the venue, and click here to order your tickets. You can hit the translate button at the top of the page if you don’t speak Quebec French.

3. The next night we will play in Montreal Canada at the beautiful Gesu building. Friday October 24th is the date. Our friends at FMPM are organizing the show. We played at this building back in September of 2006 (If I remember correctly) and had an amazing time! Come on out to the show! Tickets are here.

New Echolyn: September 2014.
Posted : 05.21.14

The latest word on new material comes right from the man tickling the ivories:

"Our new record is due to drop in September, 2014; followed by several US & Canada tour dates in October/November. Can’t wait for you all to hear these latest musical creations – the next incarnation of our Island named echolyn+ we are “so ready” and eager to get back out on the road and bring the last several albums to you *LIVE* without a net. Bring it! – Chris Buzby"

The brand new Brett Kull website is live!
Posted : 01.22.14

Hi everyone, I just did a complete overhaul on my website so that it’s up-to-date and more informative towards my business and music.

I want to thank my amazing wife Jacque for designing the site and pushing me to be more involved in “social media” as well as sharing what I do. It’s not that I don’t like talking to folks about this stuff… I just takes me way too long to formulate replies, ponderings, and ideas amongst my busy schedule ;-) I have a lot of music that I’ve been involved with: my own as well as the music of others. This site puts much of these efforts in view.

I’m going to post sessions (in a blog format) that I’m working on with various artists as well as teaching/learning experiences in my academic life. I do this to share my process– in hopes of making sense of it via the written word.

I’m also going to post my personal echolyn experiences as my four band mates and I continue working on our upcoming album this winter and spring. I’ll post updates on the echolyn home page as well as our Facebook page on a weekly basis.

Here’s a link to the site:

Here are three other links within the site with some important new music.

The first is a Beatles cover I just recorded and have made available as a free download.

The second is a David Gray cover I did years ago, also a free download.

The last is a collection of commissioned work I’ve done. I’ve dug them up from the grave and made them available to buy. I’ve always liked music for film and video and these are works that I’ve done for that reason.

I want to mention Bill Schwartz and Michael Ostrich for getting this off the ground into cyber space. Thanks gentlemen!

That’s it for now. I appreciate all the interest over the years.
Most sincerely

> Check out Brett's new website!

See Ray LIVE on Feb 1st!
Posted : 01.21.14

Ray has been lured away from the studio where the new echolyn album is being worked on to perform LIVE for our good friends at the New Jersey Proghouse. It's your chance to see Ray in a very intimate environment sing songs you know and love (and perhaps even a few ones you don't know!). Click below for details on how to purchase you ticket!

> Tickets to see Ray LIVE on Feb 1st!!

Francis Dunnery
Posted : 10.18.13

Hi everyone, My friend Francis Dunnery just completed his new album – Frankenstein Monster. I was part of the recording, mixing, and mastering stages of the album and we really focused on natural sounds, recorded and preserved without coloration from EQ and compression. It was a fun project and one I learned quite a bit from.. He just finished a video for the title track... and IT IS beautifully intense!

Check it out! Killer guitar, lyrics and singing!

We've really tried to fight the loudwars of today's overly compressed music to give the control of the volume knob back to the listener! Turn these tunes up.... because you can!



> Purchase Hi-Res Files

Help Solsitce Coil raise money to record their new album.
Posted : 10.05.13

From Brett:

"Hi Guys, I was contacted by Shir Deutch – Guitar player from the band Solsitce Coil. They are raising money for their third album as we speak. Check out the video they did."

> Solsitce Coil Video