A Little on the CD Side
A Little on the CD Side

1. Loser in Love, by Neuer the Bride
2. Everyone Will Crawl, by Charlie Sexton Sextet
3. The Long Voyage, by Hector Zazou
4. Sign on the Line, by A.J. Croce
5. Remembering Veronica, by Kurt Elling
6. Nothing But the Truth, by Paul Voudouris
7. Blacktop, by pell mell
8. You Do Something to Me, by Paul Weller
9. I Just Wanna Stop, by Joe Taylor
10. As the World, by echolyn
11. Man, I Used to Love, by Susan Werner
12. Why, by Eleven
13. Waydown, by Catherine Wheel
14. Rumours, by Memphis Horns
15. Boogie Man, by Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant
16. Never let Go, by Kevin Tony
17. Six Wings of Bliss, by Geoff Smitih
18. Amnesia, by David Tronzo/Reeves Gabrels

Christopher Buzby - keyboards, backing vocals
Tom Hyatt - bass, midi pedals
Brett Kull - guitars, lead and backing vocals
Paul Ramsey - drums and percussion
Ray Weston - lead and backing vocals

Musician Magazine's New Music Sampler, Volume 28

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