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Thursday, March 17, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Well, barring any unforseen dilemas, Tom starts on his bass parts today. It's a beautiful morning, a little chilly but the coffee's good and I'm still smiling. We're gonna try How Long I Have Waited to get that one feeling going plus Tom can loosen up some. Not one but 3 takes later we were still listening to How Long. There it is at exactly 11:00AM, Glenn finally gets the payoff. That's it for Paul. After some down time, Tom is getting ready for his bass parts. I feel for him because his bass is a little tempermental which makes him a bit nervous. Thay are checking the intonation of his neck. Time check: 12:30PM. Rob's a fucking wiz. The know-it-all journeyman. Around 12:45 (give or take a few minutes) Tom's job begins. The first song for him is How Long. At 1:07 the whole show started. As of 5:4pm we are doing our first full roll back and listen. There were 614 roll-back overdubs (so far), it's been 4 hours & 33 minutes and we took 1 10 minute break. Glenn and Chris took listening notes and now we're going back to check problem spots. Hang in there Tom! Almost done! Fuck that, Chris, we've been dumbing for the same amount of time you've been playing the parts. Done at 6:35pm and 771 roll backs! Now a final listen and critique."

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