as the world
Wednesday, March 9, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Well it's raining again. We're not up five minutes and there's laughter rolling around. Coffee's a little better today. We're going out today to a studio called "The Castle" and then on to Franklin to visit a Civil War town. I don't want to forget anything, but that could be impossible. Well after I wrote that line I spaced out for about 10 minutes thinking about everything but it all comes back to that feeling. I best describe it as the way I felt when I first took a hit of acid. As I was getting off, it put me in a state of mind of complete relaxation and a faint smile/nosey cheek kind of thing. I swore that this way the way I'd stay. After about 13 years I found that feeling again. pressure, just me and my stuff and doing something that could very well be history. Went into Franklin, supposedly Rick Wakeman is playing there in a church so tonight we're gonna try and catch him. Went to work out in their "weight room" here. It's enough to get by on, the best part of the workout is the fog. We all got to meet Rick Wakeman tonight. I mentioned to him that I had with me a copy of "B.C. Rock." He could not believe that there was a copy still left in the world It was a honor to make a man like him think and remember."

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