as the world
Tuesday, March 8, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Rainy morning, everyone in our bunker is A.O.K. I don't think I've a better time than last night. It's good to sit around and talk about the whole thing the next day. We all remember different parts of the party. But we all agree on Paul: I've never experienced him being as wasted as he was. I feel that for Brett, though, we wrecked two attempts at playing civilized games lacking coordination. At 11 we went out with Glenn to sight-see a while; caught some cool placed. Met with Tracy, our assistant down here. We're 7 different animals with the same idea with 7 different ways to do it right, so we do what we have to the others respect it. It's a beautiful thing, that thing that we do. This book merely started out to be. Company's good, it stirs the pot (Tom's "in the bathroom" again. He did bring his books with him). You can lick your lips moistened with gravy. Spice."

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