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Entry Date Author Venue City, State/Ctry
11/20/1994 Ray Weston ProgScape '96, Towson Street Baltimore, MD
11/17/1994 Ray Weston Local 186 Allston, MA
11/17/1994 Ray Weston Boogies Albany, NY
11/16/1994 Ray Weston The Hunt Ithaca, NY
11/12/1994 Ray Weston Savannah's Ludlow, VT
11/11/1994 Ray Weston Castleton University Castleton, VT
11/10/1994 Ray Weston Club Toast Burlington, VT
11/5/1994 Ray Weston ProgFest '94, Variety Arts Center Los Angeles, CA
10/10/1994 Ray Weston Rick's American Café Kalamazoo, MI
10/9/1994 Ray Weston Small Planet East Lansing, MI
10/8/1994 Ray Weston The Magic Bag Detroit, MI
10/5/1994 Ray Weston Rick's American Café East Lansing, MI
10/3/1994 Ray Weston Café Dopalais Sherbrokke, Ontario
10/2/1994 Ray Weston Club D'Auteul Quebec City, Quebec
10/1/1994 Ray Weston The Grand Café Montreal, Quebec
9/5/1994 Ray Weston Maui Philadelphia, PA
12/10/1993 Ray Weston 23 East Cabaret Ardmore, PA
12/8/1993 Ray Weston Zoots Portland, ME
12/7/1993 Ray Weston Quebec City, Quebec
10/14/1993 Ray Weston The Reptile House Grand Rapids, MI
9/15/1993 Ray Weston Quebec City, Quebec
9/14/1993 Ray Weston Jailhouse Rock Montreal, Quebec
9/7/1993 Ray Weston Max's on Broadway Baltimore, MD
7/31/1993 Ray Weston Theater of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA
7/10/1993 Ray Weston Club Tattoo Baltimore, MD