XM Radio - Washington, DC
Entry by Ray Weston

"Friday's performance was directly affected by Thursday night's practice. I had bought a case of MooseHead for after practice - nothing out of the ordinary for us. For some reason, around 3:30 Friday morning, I woke up sick - nothing out of the ordinary for myself. We were leaving around 7:30 - I had four hours to recoup...it didn't happen. We got to the station around 10:15 - I'm still dead. I passed out in the green room for a while - woke up in control of my stomach and head just in time for a soundcheck. I don't think there was as much tension between us as there was today - brought on by my inability to handle my liquor. I've done it before, I'll do it again. As for our playing - we did a live recording - a bit sterile only because we were in a studio by ourselves. The station is state of the art. Everything - great people - wise investment."

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