as the world
Tuesday, March 29, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Our first day at 16th Avenue Studios. This place has a great look to it, good atmosphere and also where we're going to be spending the next 3 to 4 weeks doing overdubs. Chris still has to finish Audio; no fault of his. Brett will do his guitar and Tom still has his bass to do before I get to song. Hurry the fuck up! I lost my first game of pool already and it's only 10:15 on the first day! Chris finished his parts and boy, is he happy now, he can relax until it's vocal time. Brett's coming out of his funk; he's been waiting around for his turn. But now it's time. Brett has done Audio and it sounds unfuckinbelievable! There's been a lot of down time today, not due to own failures but due to the studio. Tape adjustments and machine realignments, whatever the fuck those engineers do best. Settled Land: The first half of the song is done. We called it quits at 10, only to resume the whole deal tomorrow. This day went by much tomorrow!"

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