as the world
Thursday, February 10, 1994
Entry by Ray Weston

"Starting out with How Long - just making sure we remember the new arrangement (PAUL DID NOT). Not bad. Now on to Best Regards. Today seems to be a pick on Glenn day. Slamming from all sides. We played Best Regards over the phone for Mike. He was listening in Sony's mastering room (that we don't want to use). We played through it once with vocals. Felt odd. Just had to smooth out some things. It's time for Chris to work on the keyboard sounds. So, we went upstairs to listen to the new Marillion album [Brave]. The Cheese Stands Alone is next: it's fucking brilliant. It's the fucking cheese! And, there you have it. The cheese stands alone! Prose: We are in the process of tacking on another set of Ba-Da-Da's towards the end of the song as a book-burner. We're calling it quits at 5:30 to start tomorrow with fresh ears."

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