as the world
Wednesday, February 1, 1995
Entry by Ray Weston

"One year ago yesterday we started pre-production on As The World. Today I'm still sitting in the studio marking down my accounts of the past year, waiting for Sony to get their shit together. The album was mastered, then mastered again, then again, then again. One stupid thing after another, but it's finally done and we're still waiting. We've had two photo shoots, one in Valley Forge State Park, the second in a studio in New York named "Primus" - then into a park in Flatbush. We've seen artwork and it's amazing, not everything worked out the way we planned it but with a little compromising and some new ideas we have a complete package that we're still waiting on the final product. We've tapped into the Internet super-highway - a big step for us, also a great tool to talk to people all over the world immediately. Chris got married, I got married, Paul got a new drum kit. We hooked up with Joe Baldino, a professional sound man with a great attitude, a booking agency of sorts, "Family Tree" who tries to help out with booking our shows. The album was slated for an October release, but was pushed back to February, maybe early in the month. Next we heard the last Tuesday of February. Now it may be in stone for March 7th. Less than a month away and we're still waiting."

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